A clouding of the otherwise clear lens of the eye, cataracts cause vision problems not unlike that of trying to see through a foggy windshield. For people who have cataracts, life becomes a bit of a blur and simple activities — reading or driving a car, especially at night — can become increasingly difficult.

Most cataracts develop slowly over time. The decline in your vision may be harder to detect because the process is sometimes deceivingly gradual, growing by almost imperceptible degrees.

All the more reason to consult a Malbar Vision Center doctor whenever you suspect even a hint of a vision problem.

Early on, eyeglasses and a stronger lighting plan for your home and workplace can help you deal with cataracts. If impaired vision continues to interfere with your daily activities, you might need cataract surgery, now a safe and effective procedure with minimal recovery issues.

To learn more about cataracts visit the American Optometric Association website.