Floaters and Flashes

Many of us have experienced it, that weird phenomena when a squiggly line gently floats across our field of vision. Or maybe it’s a pattern of stars, specks, or flashes straight out of a psychedelic dance scene from an “Austin Powers” movie.

Often caused by age-related changes that occur when a jelly-like substance of your eyes called vitreous gradually breaks down and becomes less consistent, floaters and flashes are microscopic fibers that adhere together. When they cast shadows on your retina you see them as usually black or gray floaters and flashes.

They may seem a mere oddity and are usually harmless, but if you experience a sudden increase in floaters or flashes, contact a Malbar Vision Center specialist immediately. These symptoms can be an indication of a serious medical emergency that demands prompt attention.

To learn more about floaters and flashes visit the American Optometric Association website.