Glaucoma is the loss of vision due to an interrelated set of eye conditions that have resulted in optic nerve damage. The most common cause of glaucoma is abnormally high intraocular pressure inside your eye.

The second leading cause of blindness, glaucoma is sometimes called “the silent thief of sight” because the affliction may develop so gradually that it may remain undetected and therefore untreated.

Primary open-angle glaucoma, typified in later stages by tunnel vision or the loss of peripheral vision, is the most prevalent form of the disease, has no noticeable signs or symptoms except subtle vision loss occurring over an extended period of time.

There is no cure for glaucoma and patients need to continue treatment for the rest of their lives.

Early diagnosis and treatment is critical in preventing optic nerve damage, so call your nearest Malbar Vision Center location if you show any of the symptoms described here.

To learn more about glaucoma visit the American Optometric Association website.