Pink Eye

The itching, burning, discharge and crusting that come with conjunctivitis (commonly referred to as pink eye) are more than just uncomfortable irritants; they’re warning signs that an easily spreadable contagion is at work. That’s why early detection and treatment — especially among children and their very social, “hands everywhere” lifestyles — is so important in curbing this common malady.

Caused by everything from allergic reactions to viral and bacterial infections, conjunctivitis results in an inflammation of the outermost membrane of the eye.

More serious cases of pink eye may lead to more serious vision problems, including an inflammation of the cornea; so consult a Malbar Vision Center doctor whenever symptoms appear. In the meantime, all members of the household should take simple steps to wash their hands frequently and avoid rubbing their eyes.

Even the most stubborn of cases rarely require anything more than the prescription of fast-acting antibiotics, so leave the “red eye” to your photo album and that odd phenomena caused by the flash of a camera.

To learn more about pink eye visit the American Optometric Association website.