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Not Insured?

VSP offers a full service plan for individuals and families without vision coverage.  Is it right for you? Could be, if your employer doesn’t offer vision benefits, you are retired or self-employed.

VSP Individual Plan members receive affordable vision benefits with family savings of up to $400, a WellVision Exam® focused on their health, annual coverage of glasses or contacts, and additional savings through association memberships, including an optional discount dental plan.  In addition, you’ll have access to VSP’s network of 26,000 private-practice doctors.

Here’s some details of what the individual plan covers:

  • Eye Exam – Covered in Full
  • Prescription Lenses – Covered in Full
    • Single Vision
    • Lined Bifocal or Trifocal
    • Polycarbonate lenses for Children
  • Frames – Your Choice! Covered up to $120
    • Plus 20% off any out-of-pocket costs
  • Contact Lenses – Instead of Glasses!
    • $120 allowance for the cost of your contacts and the contact lens exam (fitting & evaluation)

Click for details and pricing.