It starts with an Eye Exam…

Eye exams are the key to healthy vision and proper eye care. At Malbar Vision Center we consider your entire eye health. Family-owned Malbar Vision Centers have been providing quality vision care, optical goods, and contact lenses to the Omaha area for over 60 years! We’re Omaha’s largest and most experienced, locally-owned eye health care team and affordable eyeglass boutique — the Malbar Vision Center.

Customer satisfaction continues to be our #1 priority. We always want to hear from you. Stop by any of our five convenient Omaha-area locations during our office hours We also specialize in other areas of eye health, including headaches, eyestrain, double vision, and reading difficulties.

Prevention is key, so with your careful vigilance and our expertise, together we can maintain your optimal eye health.

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4 Necessary Eye Care Tips

Take better care of your vision with these tips from Dr. Larry Malashock, owner of Malbar Vision Centers. “Keep in mind, there is a best prescription for each individual task. It’s a lot like focusing your camera for a specific distance,” he said. 1)  Contact lenses If you wear contact lenses, follow your doctor’s recommendations on their maintenance, how long you can wear them and when you need to replace them. “For example, your eyes aren’t meant to wear contact lenses while you sleep,” Dr. Malashock said. “Lenses are available that let you to do that, but it doesn’t mean they’re a good idea.” 2)  Annual eye exams There are… More